The mother whose children’s remains were found in a suitcase may be at an auction in New Zealand, South Korea

The woman who was in New Zealand last week is in South Korea Dead children found in suitcases She was identified by the New Zealand authorities as a family member – her presumed mother.

The South Korean police in Seoul said on Monday that the woman, who was born in Korea but holds New Zealand citizenship, arrived in South Korea in 2018, and there is no indication that she has left the country since then. The police spokesman, who did not reveal any further details about the mysterious criminal case, said that based on her previous address and age, the woman might be the mother of the children.

The remains of two elementary school-aged children have been identified in two identical-sized suitcases that were found among the items the winning family acquired at a warehouse auction in Auckland. The remains have been stored for many years. Experts estimate the age of the victims between five and ten years.

The investigation into the case is complicated by the fact that a long time has passed between the deaths of the children and the discovery of their remains. New Zealand police said the family who bought the bags could not be linked to the crime, and had even been helped to deal with the trauma caused by the horrific discovery. (MTI)

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