The most promising samurai action game got a new game preview

The most promising samurai action game got a new game preview

We haven’t had a match celebrating traditional Japanese culture lately, enough to think of the great Ghost of Tsushima, but for those who love tough challenges, there’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Nioh 2 too. Trek to Yomi will add to these games, which will be a side view action game. You can watch a preview of the tempting new gameplay below.

Announced at this year’s E3 conference at Devolver Digital Crazy, Trek to Yomit will be the publisher of the game, which will be created by Flying Wild Hog, developer of the Shadow Warrior series, along with Leonard Menchiari. According to the story, we play as a swordsman named Hiroki who vows to his dying master to defend his home at any cost against the enemies who attack him. The journey to Yomi is all about revenge and honor, but the focus will be on the fantastic engagements, not the ghost of Tsushima, but the Japanese samurai, Kobagase Masaki (Harakiri) and of course Kurosava Akira (the bodyguard). A white and stylized visual world yet sophisticated and detailed. In the struggle with humans and supernatural beings, we can unleash a variety of weapons, not only swords, but also clash with music that simulates traditional Japanese melodies.

Trek to Yomi will be released sometime in 2022 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (also included with Xbox Game Pass) and of course PS4-5 consoles.

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