The most beautiful Swedish lakes in Europe

The most beautiful Swedish lakes in Europe

It’s amazing, but so far dozens of water-shaped lakes created by nature have been discovered in the world, which paint one after another, as if Mother Nature happily left the symbol of love in the form of these natural phenomena. If you want to visit such a wonderful place, you do not even have to travel that far, as you can find at least 10 such places on the continent. We show the most beautiful of them.

1. Geislacher, Austria

Let’s start with the one closest to us, since we can also find such natural beauty in our area, just to see it, you have to work with money, anything that can only last. There are still plenty of great hiking trails in Tirol, just have the energy to walk on them!

Gaislacher is located high in the AlpsSource: Volker Rauch / shutterstock

At an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, you can easily reach the Gaislacher See Seldenble First you have to take the cable car to Gaislachkogel. The starting point for the actual trip is the mountain station, where you can start your climb, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain lakes at the top of Tzt-Velgy.

2. Scanno-t, Olaszorszg

Abruzzo can be found in the wonderful countryside Villago s Survey Among the settlers is this amazing beauty, which constantly changes color with the change of seasons. But what is really magical about this lake is that we can grow into a character that speaks from above. We recommend outside Frattura Nuova as one of the best places to enjoy the water.

Abruzzo is also home to three important national parks, and their shape still causes visitors and tourists to visit its corners.Source: NurPhoto via AFP / Davide Pischettola / NurPhoto / Davide Pischettola

Located in the forest of the Marsicani Mountains, Lago di Scanno is the largest natural lake ever, which attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world every summer. It also got Kk Zszl for its clean water, which makes it one of the nicest and cleanest places to swim.

3. Trnovako, Montenegro

Locally known as Trnovoo jezero, it is located in the Szak part of Montenegro, not far from the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at an altitude of 1,517 meters above sea level. The lake is surrounded by huge rocky cliffs, giving it a terraced atmosphere.

The heart shape of mountain tea almost mimics wild teaSource: Milisavljevic02 / Wikimedia Commons

Known for its blue-green color, Trnovaco is popular with tourists and campers, who are drawn to the natural beauty of the tiny country of Montenegro. The maximum depth of the lake with a length of 400 meters and a width of 700 meters is about 9 meters, and its waters are so clear that sometimes it is possible to dive to a depth of 4 meters. The passage of water is ensured by rainwater flowing from the Magli, Maja e Vjelakut and Bio mountains.

4. From Agios Pavlos, Grgorszg

From Agios Pavlos, which is also called Sv-bl, Rhodes is surrounded by rocky hillsides with crystal clear waters. The 5-storey little heart shaped beach is the perfect destination for lovers.

The view from Agios Pavlos is amazingly beautifulSource: KellySHUTSTOC / Shutterstock

Gregorszg can still boast of one word form: Paleokastritsa can be found on the island of Corfu, which was also created by nature.

5. Tom, your fool

Lago di Tom can be found in the picturesque Piora Valley, in the canton of Ticino, at an altitude of 2,020 meters above sea level. The road is about 300 meters long and 250 meters wide, and in the corners you can find some beautiful trees that are worth a visit, because this place is full of dozens of natural beauties.

The lakes sparkle between mountains and valleys, and a favorite feature is the shape of the heart.Source: Tici23 / Wikimedia Commons

Many people come here for picnics and fishing with their families, and you can even swim in the mountain lake with clear water, but you need to be prepared that the water temperature reaches only 10-15 degrees even in the summer months.

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