The most beautiful Lexus sports car with new pictures

The most beautiful Lexus sports car with new pictures

Last week, Toyota Motor Europe held its annual Kenshiki event in Brussels, where it unveiled several car models not yet seen on our continent. More presented between Toyota bZ Compact SUV and C-HR introductory studybut Lexus brought something new, namely the concept of beautiful electric sports.

Of course, Lexus management did not forget to emphasize that although they believe that in the end a pure electric motor will come to the fore, given the shortcomings of the charging infrastructure, they still prefer a hybrid drivetrain. At the moment, more than 90% of European sales of the Japanese luxury brand are hybrids, so it is not surprising that they do not want to quickly switch to electric cars.

However, there’s already a very specific idea of ​​how to combine zero-emission driving with performance in the future – and that’s predicted by Electrified Sport, which will hit 100 km/h from a standing start in under two seconds.

Although Lexus has not yet revealed more information about the sports car, it did say a few words about some of the technologies used in its cars. The RZ450e The electric SUV comes with One Motion Grip by wire steering, which eliminates mechanical contact between the steering wheel and the front wheels, transforming the driving experience and making maneuvering easier and more precise.

DIRECT4 is a Lexus-exclusive technology that balances the torque delivered to the front and rear axles, providing optimal traction in all driving conditions and improving cornering and vehicle handling.

The company also revealed that ongoing projects include integrating manual shifting into electric vehicles. It can be done with the clutch pedal and manual gear lever just like in conventional cars, but the software base will allow the system to be programmed. They are currently testing this solution with the UX300e SUV.

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