The Moroccan captain wants to keep dreaming

The Moroccan captain wants to keep dreaming

Salah Regragui, captain of the Moroccan national football team, spoke of achieving a dream after his team beat Portugal 1-0 on Saturday, bringing it to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

At the same time, he said, they can go further and continue to write the history of the sport and set an example for future generations. The Moroccans are the first African and Arab teams to reach the first four places in the World Cup.

Morocco – Portugal 1-0

“We showed this to the next generations, and what is important is that an African team can also reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. Or even the finals, why not?” said the specialist.

He indicated that he was asked in a previous press conference if he thought they could be world champions, and he answered why not. “We can dream. Why not dream, if you don’t have dreams, you’re not going anywhere. He said.

The Moroccans took first place in Group F, ahead of the Croatians, Belgians and Canadians, and after a goalless draw in the Round of 16, they invited the Spaniards with a penalty shootout, and in the quarter-finals of the Portuguese with a header.

“I try to convey the message to the players to believe in themselves, to go out on the field, to do everything they can, so that in the end they don’t regret anything, and to believe in me,” said Regragui.

Regaraki: We have written history for Africa

Goalkeeper Khazina Bono joined this, and confirmed that they want to change the mentality, get rid of the feeling of inferiority. “The next generation after us will know that Moroccan players can work miracles,” he stressed.

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The Moroccans have yet to concede a goal from an opponent in Qatar, with the only goal against them being Nécive Agwerd’s own goal in the group match against Canada 2-1.

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Moroccan players celebrate with national team captain Salah Regragui after reaching the World Cup semi-finals (Photo: EPA/Georgy Likovski)

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