The more times the game crashes on your PC, the more storage space you can use

The more times the game crashes on your PC, the more storage space you can use

Among other things, the computer games I also mentioned that there was a kind of strange problem with the desktop version of Outriders: the more times the game crashes, the more storage we have. However, the cooperative shooter tends to break down.

Single Reports page RedditUser wrote that Outriders’ bug files took up 23GB on their device. These are created by Unreal Engine when the game crashes, and they are designed to help developers figure out what is causing the bugs (which is why the system usually asks if we want to send a bug report to the creators). Many games use this method, but the data doesn’t usually take up much space. According to a journalist at PC Gamer, the error reporting files for The Medium, for example, only print a total of 100MB. Another one on the Outriders Last redditThis phenomenon was previously reported, when the author was missing 12 GB, and a PC Gamer employee reported a loss of approximately 1 GB.

The files in question can be accessed via the following path: users /[Név]/ AppData / Local / Madness / Saved. This is why some people call this phenomenon “UE4 madness”. If these files are taking up a lot of space, you can safely delete them, according to the page.

Outriders also appeared earlier this month on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. Based on auditions, it’s a totally fun game (although it’s not made by era). , But there were / were problems with their servers.

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