The mood will not subside after the US presidential election

The mood will not subside after the US presidential election

Supporters of Joe Biden are not bothered by the fact that Donald Trump has yet to admit defeat in the US presidential election. In Washington on Sunday, many celebrated the new president’s move to the White House. Meanwhile, George W. Bush has joined the crowded congratulation camp for a Democratic politician.

Although 4 million fewer voters won, 70 million voted for Trump.

Trump’s arguments are voiced by his frustrated followers

Supporters of the incumbent president are not only disappointed, but many are also dismissive of the election result.

An elderly woman said, “It is clear that the propaganda press manipulated the entire electoral process and brainwashed the people.” And one of the younger ones put it this way, they keep fighting, they demand transparency, and there are many questions that have to be answered. In many places, competition was so fierce that results, like Arizona, were not supposed to be announced.

Trump, his family, and his crew continue to hang on to rigging the elections. In a statement released on Saturday, they promised to take legal action by Monday. However, more and more analysts believe it will not alter the election outcome whether if Trump’s campaign team exhausts all prospects for legal remedies.

So far, everyone has admitted defeat

Euronews’s field correspondent, Jacques Barroque, recalls that never in American history has the loser in a presidential election recognized his defeat.

He also congratulated Bush

The 43rd President of the United States, like many past presidents, congratulates President-elect Joe Biden.

The former president also spoke to Joe Biden in person to express his good wishes, according to a statement posted on Twitter. He stressed that Biden “is a good man who will unite the United States.”

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George W. Bush promised that Biden could count on his help in reuniting the country.

“We must unite for the sake of our families, our neighbors, our nation and our future,” said the Republican politician, who did not express his opinion during the election campaign. He stressed that Americans can safely trust the electoral process, which he wrote is “basically fair, and their integrity will be confirmed and the result is clear.”

Biden and his team are already preparing for action

Already next week, Joe Biden’s staff will review the work and leadership composition of key government agencies for a smoother transfer of power. In this context, previous employment and budget decisions and applicable rules will be examined.

According to US press reports, President Donald Trump and White House employees have yet to contact Biden’s staff.

One of Biden’s advisers, Ted Kaufman, told NBC television that the transfer team will tackle forming the new government as early as next week, although it is not expected after the key positions in the government have been identified. Analysts say this may indicate that Republican politicians could have a place in Biden’s government.

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