The moment between Hamilton and Verstappen, which was also missed on the Netflix camera

The moment between Hamilton and Verstappen, which was also missed on the Netflix camera

The fate of the Grand Duchy of Abu Dhabi in the press was not noticed by many cameras, but it shows how Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton dealt with each other before the World Cup.

This year’s rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has been one of tension and controversy, with two people never criticizing each other in public, leaving it to Toto Wolff and Christian Horner, a teammate of Mercedes and Red Bull.

Although we learned from a statement made by Jos Verstappen, the father of the world champion, that Max Verstappen and Hamilton used to change so much only when they took to the podium or took part in a public briefing, an anecdote from an F1 show showed that the relationship had never been so hostile. .

Hamilton and Verstappen in the Grand Duchy of Abu DhabiForrs: Getty Images / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Antonin Vincent

The above-mentioned FIA press release (JSgr) was chaired by Tom Clarkson, who F1 Nation In an audio post, he recalled the crimes committed in front of the Grand Duchy of Abu Dhabi. It should be noted from these cheese ads that the rider will be participating in the Pro and the Pro will be determined by the FIA ​​beforehand. It was obvious that the camera was going to fight two world champions, which they did, and before that they were politely scattered.

“There was a lot of discussion beforehand about whether to have an unpleasant handshake, which I think you and Schumacher have done a few times, right? – So we were debating whether we were going to do one,” Clarkson told 1996 world champion Damon Hill. With them, because that’s what every jsg wants. Max arrived, found, and talked. Lewis was about three minutes later. I thought it was brilins, it would be recording, and I no longer have to worry about the age thing. There was one Netflix camera in the room, two other cameras for making cheese and a picture.”

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Then the cheese fell, and after Verstappen and Hamilton left the room, Clarkson learned that no one had caught the moment.“I turned to netflixes src, ‘You must have guided the clapper’, and I said, ‘I missed that, man, I missed that. ‘ I replied, ‘Am I late?’

The whole world can be seen all the timeForrs: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Peter Fox

Clarkson then looked at the people who told him the camera was not rotating, and then at the pictures that the gpn mg was the wrong lens. So no one in the room knew about it except me and the other people in the room.”

Hamilton and Verstappen also flew in after practice, and found each other after the race, but the episode above shows there’s respect between the walls.

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