The mobile operator announced that many people will be affected by the change

Telenor will turn off 3G in the summer. The company argues that frequency bands will be scarce and that bands released by turning off 3G will be usable for 5G service.

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Currently almost there, said the deputy chief technical officer. 7 percent have access to 3G-enabled devices, but they usually don’t have internet access, so fewer of those need to buy a new cell phone.

György Koller, Technical Vice President, explained that with the phase-out of 3G, more space will be made for better technologies, which will be reflected in data transfer speeds, lower latency, voice quality, and increased reliability.

He added that 4G and 5G have a lower environmental load per gigabyte of data compared to the 3G network.

According to the Executive Vice President, 97 percent of network traffic is currently on 4G, and barely 3 percent of stale 3G traffic is steadily declining. Less than 7 percent of all subscribers have maximum 3G capacity, and the demand for mobile internet is low in this segment, so fewer people will notice a disconnect in this regard.

However, they need to get a new device if they want to go online.

In the field of M2M devices with up to 3G capability (for example, cash registers and security devices), 3G communication can also be used in many cases by 2G, but the device must be replaced if bandwidth greater than 2G is required.

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