The "missing" must return to the strong Hungarian society

The “missing” must return to the strong Hungarian society

Now we don’t see if the event in Calounda, August 21, will be written into the history books and then as a first step in a success story? In any case, the Pro Kalodiensis Association, as the main organizer, has recorded a success that, together with the Open Forum, has promoted the unification of the Supreme Party at the lower and middle levels.

Sandor Pab The chief organizer, as president of the Pro Kalodiensis, believes that some people are frustrated because, although he wants good, and does not have the means to do so, he feels useless in his activities and is angered by the resulting impotence.

“Many people have withdrawn from Hungarian public life, they are the silent majority. In many cases, we are a noisy minority.

The question is how is the decisive majority of these two groups formed,

So the point is not only that the future United Hungarian Party has the largest possible number of voters, but also that these people already feel like they belong here. Sandor Pab.

We belong together (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

He explained that it has to be useful to everyone, and you have to work with people very intensely: “Being helpful is the best thing, and even if you get an appreciation for that, it’s even better,” he said. At the same time, I posed the question, are community building actions our events or our side business?

“Wherever we look at the results so far, we became 130,000 fewer highland Hungarians between 1990 and 2020,” he said.

He was welcomed as a guest from Hungary at the meeting Sandor MolnarR., elected representative of the local government of Nógrád County and head of the Pásztó city organization in Fidesz; Judith Kaneothereafter, mayor of Varsány; Gyula KingijiR., Mayor of Karncskeszi.

Sándor Papp announces for the M1 (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

Leaders and representatives of social and political organizations were posted in the Highlands: Gyula Bardos, the national president of Chimadoc; Gabor Balogh, the national vice president of Chmadoc; Zsuzsa Szvorák, Csemadok chief, Marie Zubkoa board member of Carissimi and Femina Fortis – powerful civic associations for women; Laszlo JobbicD., director of the Janos Esterhazy Academy in Martos, and national president of the Association for Common Goals.

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In the colors of the party of the Hungarian community, the national president took most of the seats in the Kalonda House of Culture, Krisztian is hot led. They were present, among other things Joseph Breni And Zoltan Czipruszdeputy chairmen of the MKP and provincial representatives; Bella HropicMember of the National Presidency of the Justice and Development Party; Peter Cuse and Laszlo Gambor Representatives of Banska Bystrica District, Dennis BossaVice President of Rimasumpat District of the MKP.

for the consortium Ildico Power and Pal Zakar Vice-Presidents of the National Coalition; from Most Bridge Attila Ajoux, National Vice President of Most Head, Mayor Volek and Peter HainesMayor of Patka was present.

Some of the participants in Kalonda at the open forum of our stay (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

the event Bella Hropic I started Where is the house? With his own poem entitled.

rica babThe mayor of Calounda said as preliminary thoughts that

“We can create value if we can help the weak unconditionally, if we can embrace the fallen and work together for the good.”

Rika Papp, Mayor of Calounda (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

In the preliminary round, the organizers are Calundae Laszlo plotMember of the Pro Kalodiensis Society; And kalondai too Andrea’s doorMy country expert, Head of the Institute of Regional Activities in Nograd and Eboli Valley EGTC; Judith Kaneothereafter, mayor of Varsány; maggie Adam Veronica literal with earlobes Henrietta VargaT, journalist and educator at New Woman magazine in Lesene pick up pick upt, the local head of Pro Le-Ti, Csemadok, local MKP and Jellyfish Ákos Csonkat, a local government representative, an employee of NSKI in Budapest, was asked to share their thoughts and ideas.

Initiator of discussion Sandor Pab handle. He has outlined their activities since the ’90s, when it was always “We want something together” Organized according to a password, they build the team at all levels and in all areas.

He believes that a strong Hungarian society must be built, in which the “missing” will return.

Sándor Papp, Béla Hrubík, László Telek (Photo: Erolyó Pósa Homoly / Felvidé

Outline it as a tool Hungarian regional or local councils They are created where everyone can participate: mayors, representatives, NGO leaders, directors of educational institutions, SMEs, leaders of church institutions, leaders of sports and youth associations, active local citizens, and last but not least professionals dealing with assimilated Hungarians.

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Internal self-determination must be created

The task of county councils should be to summarize the objectives of each municipality, which requires The common goals of the primary manager must be defined As well as developing a joint action plan. It is necessary to ensure professional and other conditions for performance, to constantly evaluate and discuss work procedures.

Outline of the Hungarian Regional Councils plan (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

We will door believes that

“Local, provincial and then national strategies are needed for the development of Hungarians,”

Which must be achieved by careful, orderly and continuous professional action, with a system of jointly established rules.

Ádám Veronika, Kanyó Judit, Papp Andrea (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

In the next round, as the chief organizer said: Ordinary, inverted… Politician, civilian sat at the table, so he got the floor Pal Zachar, Giola Bardus, Josef Perini, Laszlo Jobbic, Christian Foro and Attila Agock.

“Together, at a table, sober visions, forward-looking ideas. If you like it, and if you don’t, it can only be that way because it doesn’t go alone! The goal, the action, the outcome. We’ve given space for opinions, suggested a way of working, it’s up to you.” Now for the political and social elite to accept it.He said, “I am a realist, not a dreamer.” Sandor Bab.

Civilians and Politicians (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

Everyone is responsible for creating the unit

“It came to me from every discourse that everyone was working on and the goal was to preserve our community here in Slovakia. The plans of the Esterházy Academy, the Rocking Program, the folklore, civic and municipal activities, and the development of the potential of small settlements through civic associations are aimed at this goal. The unified Hungarian policy It is also the responsibility of each of us, not only the politician. If all members of our society do not take this matter seriously, then even if a political unit is created, it will not be able to achieve anything. In the same way, no matter how social unity is established, It will not go anywhere without political unity. Krisztian is hot, the national head of the MKP party.

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Laszlo JobbicThe director of the Esterházy Academy, the national president of the SZAKC, urged the political participants to formulate the main objective of the united Hungarian party as quickly as possible.

Basic Thoughts on the New United Hungarian Party

Bella Hropic Perhaps most telling, it highlights the fundamental problem: We haven’t spoken honestly with each other in ten years, and trenches that take time to fill have been dug.

“Here’s Togetherness, you’re not in power yet, I want to taste it. Now the bridge has fallen out of power, and they want to come back quickly. And here we are, the remaining Hungarians, most of whom do not want to return to power, but just want to stay in their homeland.”

Sándor Papp, Béla Hrubík (Photo: Pósa Homoly Erzsó / ​​Felvidé

Politicians could be put on a table in a matter of minutes, he said, but that a society that had fallen into its folds in ten years would not be easy to reassemble. He warned everyone not to use the word unity because the MKP has not been able to achieve unification in 22 years. “Somehow the two will unite, but we will notBecause we will all still have opinions. And if we find a common purpose, perhaps even in our lives, the good God can grant us that we will achieve some of these goals for our survival.” Bella Hrubek.

He explained that the pioneer should be the masses of people who persevered with the MKP and their homeland for ten years without any money and support.

MKP should be the base. Not because we feel different, but because he stayed in this community Humanity is a commitment to the homeland and the Hungarians without any interestHe said.

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