The Ministry of the Interior is demanding payment of hundreds of millions of forints from the National Self-Government of the Roma

May 20, 2023 – 08:36

The Ministry of the Interior demands the payment of approximately HUF 540 million from the National Autonomous Government of the Roma (ORÖ), because, according to them, the ORÖ spent the money irregularly and not as intended. The Ministry also sent payment notices to ORÖ, but after that did not produce results, they are trying to collect the bulk of the amount, 323 million forints, through implementation, in cooperation with the National Tax and Customs Office, he writes: people talk.

Oszkár Lakatos, the General Prosecutor of the ORÖ President, who performs the duties of the President, objects that they have an obligation to pay. According to him, the Ministry of the Interior is calling for elements that were related to the pre-2019 cycle, the Bridge to the World of Work program intertwined with the name of Florin Farkas, and other similar projects. According to Lakatos, ORÖ has previously paid off the items involved. According to Lakatos, the ministry’s demand is a political attack, and the aim is to make ORÖ inoperable.

According to the document in Nepszava’s possession, the Ministry of Interior recorded in the payment notices for all support personnel that “after reviewing the documents, the professional report was accepted.” The professional report describes what and how the support provided was used. Nepszava adds: Once they are accepted by the ministry, it is difficult to understand why they would claim that ORÖ spent money irregularly and not as intended.

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