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In 1692, the head chef of the French royal kitchen, François Massialot, also wrote about meringue, but in many places, its origins are linked to the Swiss confectioner Gasparini.

macaroons became meringue

Most likely, the dessert has French roots, from which it is said that confectioners made masterpieces on the orders of Napoleon. The meringues were also baked in thin rings stacked on top of each other, then ice cream, whipped cream and fruit were added, which became a miracle cake called Vacherin. Later, macaroons also appeared, which is not only a simple meringue in terms of its ingredients, but also created a completely different sweetness with its creativity, taste, texture and color.

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In Italian cuisine, it was naturalized by Katalin Medici in the French style, and became amaretti, made with almond pasta. But the basis of the famous Pavlova cake is also a simple meringue made to salute Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova in 1926 at the Wellington Hotel in New Zealand to please the world-famous artist. Since then, the giant meringue, better known as the Pavlova cake, has become a favorite dessert in Australia and New Zealand.

It is also good for decoration

Meringues are also made in Hungary as a dessert and used as a Christmas garnish, and are a perfect alternative to using leftover egg whites from festive bread. However, its preparation is not so simple, among other things, be careful not to get a drop of yolk in it, because the foam will no longer be difficult, and on the other hand, it is not so easy to beat the foam over the steam. But it’s worth it, because it can be a really easy dessert. Also an excellent gift in a gift box!

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