The Men's Bowling Super League begins on Saturday

The Men’s Bowling Super League begins on Saturday

The road racers started this season with no less than a podium place. In the summer, the commoners confirmed four very strong new players. Three of them already played a role in the first game, and this solidified the team in the match against the FTC, where Kaposvár’s team was in control from the first throws.

In the first round, they were able to prove their resolve, winning 137 woods against Ferencvárosi TC. Investment players scored all three points in the first row, giving them a 120-score lead. The picture of the match in the second row did not change either, although the home team did not give up and received an honor point.

The Commons won the first round match in a 7:1 ratio, with 137 trees. The Süperliga continues next week, as Kaposvár players will be able to prove themselves against the home team Győr.

Ferencvárosi TC – Investment Közutasok Kaposvári TK 1: 7 (3287-3424)

Janos Banheighi 532 – Peter Potazi 576 (0:4)

Istvan Matrahzy 514 – Giorgi Pinter 583 (1:3)

Sándor Farkas 581 – Bence Juhász 588 (2:2)

Istvan Vig 531 – Jergo Nagy 563 (1:3)

Balázs Horváth 538 – János Brancsek 547 (1:3)

Norbert Csejtei 591 – Krisztián Kálny 567 (2.5: 1.5)

Youth match:

Ferencvárosi TC – Investment Közutasok Kaposvári TK 3: 1 (1037: 877)

Laszlo Seydoux 558 – Oliver Liposa 369 (4:0)

Daniel Sabo 479 – Christoph Balogh 508 (1.5:2.5)

(Source: Közütasok KTK.)

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