The Medium: PS5 head to head with Xbox Series Edition!

a Bloober team game, a average For the first time in January Xbox Series X | s On exclusive consoles. Now it turns out what the game knows PS5-You are!

a average Already available PlayStation 5l … that is, approx. The Bloober team Horror title, on consoles earlier Xbox X is S. Exclusive game series, now landing on Friday Sony On his plane, he brings up a scary story Akira Yamaoka for his music. And now that you have more opportunities than ever to experience adventure, that’s it ElAnalistaDeBits He brings us this video comparison of The Medium, which compares the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC versions head-on.

PS5 Medium includes some notable technical changes a Microsoft Compare to your console. As ElAnalistaDeBits points out in his critique of the PlayStation version Do not follow the ray. The Xbox Series X Edition was limited to partial use of ambient reflection and occlusion technology. However, the PS5 version removes packet tracking for better performance, which brings some changes to the display. To make up for this, the Bloober team appears to have improved lighting and Peripheral obstruction-(With good results in some places and less good in some places)”, writes the user.

For example, he claims that the Bloober team changed the direction of the light in the starting area, completely changing the lighting in the rooms. But of course ray tracing Sacrificing it allows you to increase game resolution on PS5 and provides more stable performance. “4K Dynamic ResolutionIt works like the X Series, but doesn’t peak as low as a Microsoft console,” the channel adds. In numbers, that means the PS5 sticks at 1260p in areas where the Xbox Series X dropped below 1080p, ElAnalistaDeBits writes.

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But not all data is good in the medium port. The channel states: “The PS5 suffers from stuttering more than the Xbox, especially in movie scenes at 30 frames per second.” According to their analysis, loading times are twice as fast on the X-Series as on the PS5: an average of 10/20 seconds on Xbox and an average of 20/30 seconds on PlayStation. He also states that Shadows are “harder” on PS5 than on all other platforms. ElAnalistaDeBits still sees it Anisotropic filtration Some improvement is shown in the new version of the game.

Medium will be available for PS5 on September 3. The the silent Hill A horror-inspired adventure game follows a ghost broker traveling in two different realities simultaneously.

Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

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