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The Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped DLC has been released

The Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped DLC has been released

I got a new accessory magic master. The former is free through the mirror After the DLC Spirit Ascension It combines the worlds of Steampunk and magic, so the new ones that come with the addon are basically steam engines brought to life by magic.

They are Soultrapped in the title. Their units are more resilient than average, but the population in their cities grows much more slowly, which can be compensated for by the nearby mineral resources.

Three new wizards have also arrived with the add-on, the main purpose of which is to show off the new skills to come. Anyway, the most interesting ones include the new-type mage, and the “wizard” elf, who can barely cast spells (he only has two spellbooks), but thanks to the new abilities, we can focus on units and fight with him.

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Master of Magic Test

Master of Magic Test

The strategy game has been revamped in the 90s.

The add-on also comes with a free update available to everyone. A series of convenience functions are mainly built in here, such as quick save and load, or faster access and better spell collection. There are extended setting options that greatly affect the gameplay, for example, we can increase the minimum distance between cities. But the most important innovation is that the game has received Steam Workshop support, which opens the way for mods.


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