The man whose eye was injured during the police attack died in 2006

The man whose eye was injured during the police attack died in 2006

Documentary journalist Frosina Skrupski announced the news on her Facebook page that Laszlo Nagy, a protester whose eye was injured during a police attack in 2006, and one of the witnesses in the documentary about the series of demonstrations, had died.

According to the director, László Nagy’s entire life was ruined after he lost his eyes.

The well-known speech of then Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany in Balatonuzod in May, published in mid-September 2006, in which he spoke obscenities to the parliamentary faction of the Socialists about how many mistakes the left-liberal government made even after that, and that they “did nothing for four years”, This budget data has also been withheld or falsified.

After the speech was broadcast on Radio Kossuth, a massive demonstration began in Kossuth Square. Participants demanded the departure of Ferenc Gyurcsany. During the series of demonstrations, a small group of protesters also attacked and set fire to Magyar Televisio headquarters. Uniformed police officers without identification numbers fired rubber bullets. On the streets of the city center people. (Lászlo Nagy was injured during such an event) and on October 23 there was a horse attack on those leaving the holiday event of Fides. During these weeks, people were randomly brought from the street for interrogation and detained without evidence or justification.

It is designed to process events Victims 2006.

the movie You can view it here.

Opening photo: Documentary film entitled Victims of 2006

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