The main goods could not reach the strategically important Russian lands

The main goods could not reach the strategically important Russian lands

The Baltic region of Russia, Kaliningrad, does not have an area of ​​common land with the mother country. In addition, the area of ​​​​15,000 square kilometers is surrounded by the member states of the European Union, so the penalties for Big Brother also apply to it.

Lithuania already angered Moscow in June by banning goods such as concrete and steel Land transit to Kaliningrad after EU sanctions came into force.

Based on average volume over the past three years as part of the Russia-EU agreement concluded in July Restriction of transit of goods subject to EU sanctions between Kaliningrad and Russia. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the Kaliningrad lands are not used by the Russians to evade sanctions.

Anton Alikhanov The governor of Kaliningrad appreciates that the agreement allows this Russia has to move a total of about 500,000 tons of sanctioned cargo in both directions every year. However, he said that some quotas have already been reached, For example, Kaliningrad cannot import cement from Belarus – which was about 200,000 tons per year. According to Moscow, there should be no restrictions on trade with its surroundings.

Today, we have exhausted the limits set by Europeans for the transport of goods by rail: for example, for certain types of iron and steel, oil products, fertilizers, antifreezes, timber

– Russian news agencies quoted Aliyanov, who made a statement on Tuesday. According to the former Russian ambassador to Lithuania, the transit agreement is the same It helped avoid the worst-case scenario, but the situation is still not satisfactory.

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