The main character of the upcoming Netflix series has been fired for sexual harassment

The main character of the upcoming Netflix series has been fired for sexual harassment

Usher house fallHalf of the picture has already been shot, but now they can look for a new hero to replace 84-year-old Frank Langella.

Banned by Netflix with immediate effect Usher house fall One of the main characters in the series, Frank AngelaHe announced, after the Oscar-nominated actor behaved inappropriately on the set by the deadline.

The Edgar Allan Poe The end of the house of the eyebrow It is an eight-part series based on his novel dream doctort is also a writer Mike Flanagan His next big release, has been filming since January with actors like Mark Hamill, Carla Gugino Obsession Mary McDonnell. The Frost / NixonOscar-nominated Angela played the main character, Roderick Asher, and was in the middle of filming when the 84-year-old actor was accused of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. Among other things, by repeatedly making inappropriate comments to one of the actresses on the set.

According to the newspaper, the matter was investigated, and they concluded that Angela must leave immediately, and they do not ask for him even on filming days scheduled for this week. By definition, his character will be cut from the series, a new actor will be found in his place, scenes will be re-shot with him, while parts without Roderick’s character will be shot. The series will likely be delayed because of this: it was originally supposed to end filming in May, which was pushed back until the end of June, but due to a change of cast, they will likely end the series expected in 2023 months later.

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