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The magic of grilling: 5 + 1 family house with barbecue corner

The magic of grilling: 5 + 1 family house with barbecue corner

Since ancient times, meals have been important social events that bring a community together. Usually we put it in the kitchen and dining room, so we are stuck between the four walls, but if the sun is shining outside and the weather is beautiful even in the evening, why not move this function to the garden? It is becoming more and more common for family homes to build a garden grill in their yard, whether it is a boiler, grill or oven corner.

We offer you 5 + 1 properties for sale that offer a summer barbecue experience.

Szigetszentmiklós idyllic garden with barbecue

This building is very beautiful, we can’t believe it was built before 2010. Its spacious livable spaces are waiting for a family with many children to move in. Apart from the house, the landscaped garden also adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. A barbecue corner is located below the szaletli built at the end of the garden, where anyone who moves here can also cook in a cauldron.

Exclusive Country Dream Estate

20 minutes from the city center of Győr, we are in Szőlőhegy in Győrszemer, where there is not only one Family HouseBut the whole estate is waiting for a new owner. A covered terrace surrounds the 4-room house, but perhaps the most pleasant place to relax is the 50 square meter barbecue area in the garden. This relaxation section exudes a village feel with a summer kitchen and oven.

However, the special features do not end here. Beyond the row of outbuildings you can also own an artificial stream if you farm here. At the end of the property is also a fenced play garden with winter shelter and animal feeders.

Hot tub and garden barbecue at Lake Velence

Next to Lake Velence, in Gardone, this fantastic new 819 sqm space Family House. The house also has a sauna and hot tub, the latter very foresight placed in the shade of a pretty fruit tree.

When friends come over or the big family gets together, the garden barbecue area comes to life. You can also grill and get food here. Comfortable semi-circular seating furniture brings the company together for delicious snacks.

Passive house in Tahitofalu

If anyone a house It is also suitable for a retreat and a yoga center, it can only be a good place. The passive house, otherwise awarded an A++ energy rating, is complete with a large covered terrace, with garden grill and boiler and summer kitchen with oven, fully catering to all gatherings, small and large. There is nothing else to do here, except to enjoy the nature, the panorama and, of course, savor the delicacies that are prepared on the grills.

Romantic atmosphere on Szentendrei Island

This wonderful property is for sale on a closed plot in Pócsmegyer Family House. Inside, you can see the well-kept garden in all directions. There is a swimming pool in the front garden, a barbecue area in the back, where there is also space for an electric grill and charcoal next to the dining table, and not far from it we can find a boiler in an atmospheric rock garden. Here you can organize big parties in the garden, with huge food and drinks, and not even the neighbors can see.

Homemade built-in beer taps at Lake Balaton

this Property The first warm day usually draws the family who live there into the garden, and from then until the cold of autumn they spend their days almost outdoors. The swimming pool, herbal garden and outdoor furniture attract people. The backyard of a family home gives you an almost holiday feel.

And if we get hungry or thirsty, or perhaps invite friends or relatives over for an evening barbecue, the kitchen oven under the covered grill, together with the built-in beer taps, provides the rare good opportunity for a party or great conversation.

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