The little pit pass in Zandvoort can give everyone a headache

The little pit pass in Zandvoort can give everyone a headache

Among the tracks to be held in this year’s F1 race, even in Monaco there is more space between car garages, said colleagues reporting on the scene, and in light of this, it is not surprising that FIA race director Michael Massey drove 60 km instead of 80 .hour to the speed limit in the platform lane.

Once it happens so easily on a difficult track that the safety car will have to get into the party as well, teams can try to get both of their riders outside to change the dual-wheel at the same time, but this could lead to a big mess.

“This is the closest pit lane this year,” McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl told In Monaco, approx. We have 16m of space between the two stops, only 14m here, which poses new challenges for us. We’ve tried to prepare for this as best we can, but if everyone tries to stand up at the same time, we may still have problems.”

“You have to be very careful about what happens in the pit lane,” Toto Wolff admitted. “However, the pilots are aware of this and will adapt.”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz is primarily concerned with the safety of his mechanics before the race:

“I think that’s something we don’t talk about enough about,” he said to a question from “The pit pass here is very dangerous for the mechanics here because of its scarcity, so hopefully everything will go well on Sunday and maybe it’s worth checking this out for the future because the space is very, very tight.”

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“It’s very difficult to park in front of our private garage if they are changing a wheel in the Alpine,” Charles Leclerc added.

More F1 news:

“I think this is the narrowest lane we’ve ever seen, it’s more narrow than it was in Monaco,” said Daniel Ricciardo. “If everyone came to change the wheels at once, the place would be very tense.”

“However, they (the pit crew) are in danger if there is a mess in the pit lane, so we need to remain calm, this is very important I think we have trained enough to confidently wait for the race, but everyone wishes there was a little more space.”

However, Ricardo’s boss Seidl also sees this scenario as an opportunity:

“We have already seen in free practice, in time trial, that due to the line drawing and the location of the gravel beds, there is a very good chance of the safety car stages, which we can also take advantage of yesterday’s result.”

And many discontented voices also did not go to the ears of the FIA: an hour and a half before the start of the Dutch Grand Prix, a warning was issued approaching the double-stop ban for this race: they say they will be punished for “unsporting races”.

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