The little girl lives with three dogs in her little house

The tiny house measures 33 square meters and has two floors and two bedrooms.

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to get your apartment or house. As prices are rising, more and more people are trying to think of alternative solutions, so for example, container homes, converted campsites, and tiny homes are becoming popular.

An alternative solution has also been chosen by Nikki Hemp in Georgetown, Texas, who has set up her tiny home in her parents’ yard, which she shares with her three dogs.

The girl who works as a special education teacher wants to show the other teachers that they can get a home that meets all their needs for less.

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Nikki’s blue-painted house measures just 33 square metres. The 13-meter small house has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, two air spaces, a main space, and an attic.

The front door opens to the living room. Here, a large sofa and plenty of plants welcome returnees.

Little house trip

The old fashioned kitchen also caters to all Hempe needs. There is a double sink, space saving dish drainer rack above, and a gas hob. There is also enough space for various small appliances, and there is also plenty of space under the counter to store dishes and other kitchen utensils.

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A storage area has also been created under the stairs leading to the attic, where you can put a lot of things – including things that might not have been placed in the kitchen.

Little house trip

Right off the kitchen is the bathroom, which is quite large for a tiny house and designed to look like any traditional bathroom. There is space for a wardrobe with mirror and a stackable washer and dryer. There is also a walk-in shower, washbasin and wall cabinet with mirror for storing toiletries.

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Little house trip

Above the bathroom is the attic, which serves as an extra bedroom for Hempe, but guests and sometimes his three dogs can sleep here as well.

Hempe’s home office was located at the other end of the house.

Little house trip

A smaller staircase leads to another separate space, which serves as Hempe’s master bedroom. It has a bed, storage, projector and screen for watching movies.

Little house trip

Hempe loves his little house. He claims that although it took him time to get used to this new way of life with his parents, he now plans to save money with his small apartment in order to buy his own land in the future, where it will not be limited to just his small house. To be present, but also the small homes of other teachers.

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