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The library has long been more than just a lending facility

The library has long been more than just a lending facility

Donafoldvar We also spoke with Susana Bertalani Bocca, Director of the Berzi City Library – Nagy Ilona, ​​about the events of the National Library Days. He said:

The series of events was held for the seventeenth time. This is also important because everyone, from the smallest library in the village to the largest, is involved in one way or another. we too.

Dr. Zsolt Horvath, the author’s interlocutor was Cela Ujvari
Photo: Tamas Balogh

There is always a central guiding thread or circle of ideas around which we can group our plans. Now the central idea was the book, which is a bridge between the library and the reader, connecting different cultures and people.

Compared to previous decades, the role of the library has completely changed. Therefore, one of our goals is to attract visitors to our walls who do not necessarily come to us as readers, but as lovers of the associated arts. Naturally, we hope that if they come often, they will experience the joy of reading.

The subject was Scottish music, literature, culture and customs
Photo: Tamas Balogh

Within this, we can even join different program options every day. I prefer? They were all close to my heart, but if I had to choose, I would mention the introduction by György Kéré, the first Hungarian oboe.

Susana Boca Bertalan
Photo: Tamas Balogh

Who attends these events?

-We have regular customers who visit our events regularly, but there are also those who join one purposefully, such as the opening of the latest exhibition.

baby girlOur guests are welcome too, they come back to us! For them, the Fairy Tale Museum of the Petofi Literary Museum, led by Eva Fodor and Ursulia Nemeth, addressed the session (h)Arkai Lianus Vitez.

Museum of Fairy Tales at the Petofi Literary Museum, led by Eva Fodor and Ursulia Nemeth, faces János Vitez (h). He visited the library with his profession.
Photo: Tamas Balogh

On World Animal Day All we need is a little music and space for our guests to grow

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For adults The opening of the exhibition of painter Timea Finn entitled “On Canvas – Extended Ideas”, said something Dr. Zsolt Horváth’s book was produced on the recommendation of Csilla Újvári. And last but not least, I would like to mention the great success of György Kéré, the first Hungarian flute player, and his colorful stories that fascinated the audience by presenting Scottish music, literature, culture and customs.

Painter Timea Finn at the opening of her exhibition “On Canvas – Extended Ideas”.
Photo: Tamas Balogh
Tabini Gabriella Rabbit
Photo: Tamas Balogh

Upon arrival Gabriella Newell-Tabini is the librarian. His workplace has been officially named the Löőszállás Library Information and Community Space since 1917, which can be found in the building of the Lajos Kossuth Cultural Center and Library. The institution has been reborn since the pandemic. Such a vibrant community life takes place within these walls that even a small town could envy it, even though the settlement only has about two thousand eight hundred inhabitants!

– I will do everything for that, which is why I try to involve as many people as possible in the library and the cultural center. I would like as many people as possible to read and find community with us. This would allow us to return to our previous normal lives sooner.

Versbarátok presented their favorite poems in Petőfi without specifying the age
Photo: Tamas Balogh

– Is the library witnessing a renaissance?

– Yes, because I noticed that more and more people are visiting us, and they need me to provide them with entertainment through new books and community programs. Among the many evenings, I remember the Petofi Evening, one of the most recent, where our guests, aged between eleven and eighty-three, sang Mama’s Chicken at the same time, which was simply terrifying.

Versbarátok presented their favorite poems in Petőfi without specifying the age
Photo: Tamas Balogh

The library connects. This was not only the motto of our series at the beginning of October, but also the practical experience across age groups. The link, regardless of its subject or genre, is the book itself.

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Reading club Creativity is one of my dreams. We read a book and everyone can say their point of view, experiences and experiences regarding it. Even in first grade, the miracle was evident at the end of library lessons for primary school students. The eyes that were still unsure at first finally brightened and she took the books that interested her from the shelves with a smile. For me, the biggest gift was that they left saying “It was good to be here and I want to come back!”

Primary school students were also guests at the library
Photo: Tamas Balogh

Aunt Gabby is a beautiful witch! After all, in the face of today’s modern digital achievements, the library successfully showcases an invention that dates back thousands of years.

– I think the book is eternal. Smell is also important to me, and digital tools (which we obviously need) can’t replace it. You can use it in many ways, but it will not freeze, and it gives you special comfort when you turn the pages.

– Turn off the outside world?

– So that is the purpose of doing this, to turn off distractions so that we can indulge in their pleasure while sitting with them in the library or wherever we take them in our hands.

– What are the hit species?

-His man chooses. Informational literature, including almost everything from gastronomy to esotericism (especially books about angels) to yoga. On the other hand, those with entertainment themes, light action, and Scandinavian crime stories,

-What about the classics?

– Hmm, they’ve been resting lately, waiting for a better tooth. Gokai, Morris, and Gardone remained for primary school students, let’s not even talk about the others, because they are no longer read these days. If we feel the taste of reading in the aforementioned way and get our first experiences from it, perhaps later we will also gain the taste of good reading. I’m looking for a way to help my readers with this.

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I’m proud of the entire past year. I don’t want to choose just one program from our beautiful series this year, as they all brought joy to our visitors and to me.

It was a beautiful event in the fall, When we were looking for the ugliest dog in Löőszállás. Not long ago, we held a Petofi evening, where everyone could recite poems and sing together. Our book fair was also a success. The entire first grade at the local elementary school was our guest.

The ugliest dog
Photo: Tamas Balogh

We had a great vacation Hungarian Folktale Day, which was also available on YouTube. This was a good example of how the whole thing is based on a beautiful old tale called “The Little Parrot’s Half Diamond”. Actual storytelling, paper theatre, as well as various games, puzzles and quizzes. It worked very well in activating the children.

After Jhansi Kegyu became 392 stone tall, he took the name Janos Kegyo!
Photo: Tamas Balogh

The stone python we designed for World Animal Day is a very good example of activation. Naturally, the volunteer participants brought colorful stones, and we planted huge Janus Kuu ones. From the participants a very cheerful informal community of representatives of friendly institutions and associations was born. It feels great to think back about it.

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