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The letter sent to the press officer of Gaby Toth bounced from an email address in Fides

The letter sent to the press officer of Gaby Toth bounced from an email address in Fides’s message bounced from an unexpected place, from a popular Fidesz email address, which was originally sent to Gabi Tóth Press on Wednesday, in which they were curious about how much Szerencsejáték Zrt was supported. A tour of Transylvania, writes

On July 24, Hír TV presented the film Gabi Toth’s Party in Transylvania, at the end of which sponsors are also mentioned, including the state-owned Szerencsejáték Zrt. However, the amount of support has not been announced. In order to find out, send an inquiry to the email address provided to contact the press, [email protected].

A few hours later, they received an error message that the letter could not be delivered. Accordingly, the message was forwarded from s[email protected] to [email protected], where it bounced.

It’s only surprising because Toth is Gabby On the official website There is no indication of any direct connection to Haffner Adrienn or Fidesz.

Adriann Haffner’s name and email address have appeared here and there before. For example, this email address is provided in the company court for official communication at Entertainment & More Kft. whose main activity is the production of films, videos and television programmes. Hefner’s name also appeared on the Hungarian Tourism Agency’s pay list last year.

Regarding the concert film support, contacted Szerencsejáték Zrt. and its subsidiary that distributes the sponsor’s money, Szerencsejáték Service Nonprofit Kft. , but so far they have not received any response from anywhere.

Gabi Tóth has been at the center of Hungarian media trade and newspapers since she was 16, and in recent years she has been involved in more and more productions near the NER. In our photo of him, we looked for an answer to why this situation developed, what could be behind it, and whether he rubs his shoulders with NER or vice versa.

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