The legendary confectioner went bankrupt, and the epidemic put him to the ground

The legendary confectioner went bankrupt, and the epidemic put him to the ground

It is a huge blow to the Austrian people that Mozartkoglen’s original factory, the Salzburg Scholad, has become insolvent. Several Austrian newspapers reported on Tuesday that the family business in Grodig, near Salzburg, had gone bankrupt. Forbes.

Salzburg Schokolade was founded, according to its website, by Bartholomäus Rajsigl in Salzburg in 1897, when he named it Rajsigl Sweets. A chocolate factory was established in Grödig in 1948, at which time the Mirabell brand was created. In 1956, since there was not enough space in Salzburg for expansion, they moved to Grödig near the city. Since 1967, Mozart balls have been manufactured on a large industrial scale. Since 1980, the factory has been wholly owned by Suchard in Switzerland and later by Kraft Foods. In 2014, it fell into the hands of its current owners, Philip Harmer and Christian Shugerl.

Forbes also wrote Cronin olivegras Noting that the union was surprised by the company’s filing for bankruptcy. It is not yet known whether production will continue or not, 140 people work at the Gradig plant. As it turned out, the company was negatively affected by the Covid epidemic. Their turnover has also dropped dramatically due to reduced tourism and event cancellations (big birthdays and weddings). In 2020, there was a period when pastry shops in Vienna and Salzburg were closed for weeks due to the pandemic.

Featured image: Chocolate specialties named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a world-famous Austrian, in a candy store window near his hometown. In the center are the original blue-filled Mozart balls (Mozartkugel) that have gained worldwide fame.

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