Looks like the January Plus Plus offer has been leaked, and next year we won't be bored either

The leak was true again, Sony has officially announced which games we will receive in January

A few minutes ago, a new post appeared on PlayStation.Blog, in which Sony officially announced the games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will get in January. It can’t be said that the show has hit us unexpectedly since Dealabs leaked it a week ago.

As expected, subscribers will get these three games for the PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5:

  • Persona 5 Strikers | PS4
  • dirt 5 | PS4 and PS5
  • Deep Rock Galactic | PS4 and PS5

Let’s take them in order! Persona 5 Strikers (Test) is a sideline to the genius Persona 5, meaning it also uses the same characters and continues the same story. However, this game is not a turn-based JRPG, but a musou game that uses a real-time combat system similar to that of Dynasty Warriors. Dirt 5 (Test) is an off-road racing game released in late 2020. In 10 locations around the world, over 70 road segments we can slime Our car has a storytelling game mode, split screen online multiplayer that can push up to four people on the TV. And Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative FPS game in which we try to mine alien caves. There are many different character classes available for players to skillfully work with if we don’t want to walk like Moriah’s dwarves.

These games will be available to PlayStation Plus users from January 4, 2022 until February 1, 2022. PS Plus games are available for December through January 3.

source: Play Station

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