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The latest update to Lies of P makes life much easier for players

The latest update to Lies of P makes life much easier for players
  • He ran to P lies Patch 1.2
  • Which makes the game easier in many ways
  • Between the rules reduces the health of some opponents
  • But capacity has also been increased

It’s not very surprising that the difficulty curve for a software starting out in the spiritual genre is a little steeper than in “normal” video games, but according to many (at least according to the opinions of Reddit users) Neowiz still managed to fall a little overboard, and it turned out great anyway P lies Because its challenges don’t always fit into the reasonable category. However, it is not uncommon for players to express their dissatisfaction in this regard, since the recent emergence of Team Ninja Wu Lung: Fallen Dynasty The game’s creators also tied down his first main antagonist a bit, A.J Pinocchio The outdated studio also listened to fan requests, so patch 1.2 brought several improvements to the software.

More importantly, the team has squeezed some of the health of some opponents, in addition to a fair number of major enemies (Fallen Bishop Andrei, King of Puppets, Simeon Manos, Arm of God) It could also get rid of its redline soon, so maybe there will be fewer broken consoles per capita. In addition, the chance of penetrating the opponent’s defense is increased, plus their “shock” lasts a little longer, so that it is easier to deliver the killing blow. Additionally, the damage dealt to one of the bosses has been reduced so we can bite the grass less often in one hit. The other good news is that after the repair it is already 8 We get gold coin fruit instead of 5, and we can carry more items after spending points on capacity. Although difficulty that often feels unfair is part and parcel of the genre, the majority of users have welcomed the changes, so it’s likely that those who turned off the adventure full of lies because of the level of challenge will give it another chance.

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