The latest Porsche cars can only be driven by default - the car engine

The latest Porsche cars can only be driven by default – the car engine

Porsche has been an official partner of the Gran Turismo simulator developed by Polyphony Digital since 2017, but so far only cars that are actually in virtual space can be selected. Next spring, on March 22, the Gran Turismo 7 will be launched, for which the Germans have now made a custom car called the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo.

The design department staff led by Michael Mauer was thrilled that this time they had to build a car that was not bound by the restrictions of serial production – the requirements of legal regulations, the technical department – but was free to see their ideas. In the cabin, carbon and titanium dominate, the upholstery is vegan, and the instrument cluster is a curved plastic plate on which holograms are displayed.


The body, of course, is wide and flat, the nose is low, the aisles are strongly emphasized, the lights are simple and the apertures are dominant. The lights point to the Taycan, just as the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is battery-powered; Exact figures for driving or driving characteristics are revealed.

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