The latest Netflix update fills a huge gap

The Netflix TV interface has been enriched with essential convenience functionality.

In recent years, Netflix has provided Hungarian dubbing for many movies and series, but there is still a lot of subtitled content, and of course there are many viewers who want to enjoy the streaming service provider’s menu with original language subtitles.

Perhaps many of them do not know that the platform offers the ability to change the size and color of subtitles, because until now for some reason we can only do this via a browser, by logging into our profile. However, now Netflix has finally come to a better understanding and brought this option to the TV app as well.

With the function activated in the latest update, you can choose between three font sizes (small, medium, large) and four text styles (white, white on black background, yellow on black background, black on white background), so there’s a good chance that’s There is a suitable combination for every eye. Of course, the option is available not only in the native TV app, but also across connected devices (such as consoles).

To change the subtitles, we just have to select the gear icon representing the settings menu in the menu bar below the launch bar, and we can calibrate the appearance using a text form on the pop-up interface. Netflix The support page is in Hungarian At the time of writing our article, you have not yet listed the job, but based on the experience of our editorial test, the novelty is already working in Hungary.

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It’s hard to understand why Netflix has pushed subtitles out to the web yet, because the majority of people certainly don’t use the service from a browser: According to Confiva research last year Viewers watched 77% of the time of programs streamed on their TVs and connected devices.

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