The latest announcement of Croatian restrictions has come!

The latest announcement of Croatian restrictions has come!

According to the statement of the crisis team Indoor service cafes are still not allowed and can only serve seated guests.

Wearing a mask indoors has not been canceled.

During the past 24 hours, 139 new infections were identified, bringing the number of people infected with the new type of coronavirus to more than 361,000 since the outbreak began. No one has died from complications from the disease caused by the Covid-19 virus, which has left 8,233 deaths from the epidemic. The hospital accommodates 110 patients, nine of whom are on ventilators.

In Croatia of just over four million, 1,569,371 people have been vaccinated so far, 38.7 percent of those eligible, of whom 1,334,004 have already received the second dose.

According to the Croatian newspapers It appears that the government’s fears that the epidemic will start spreading again due to low vaccinations and that the tourist season could end in mid-August. As of Thursday, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has put the entire Croatian coast at risk, just one step away from being included in its list of severely affected areas marked in red.

the next door in Slovenia By Thursday, 56 new infected people were examined, bringing the number of infected people identified since the beginning of the epidemic to more than 257 thousand. And no one has died in the past 24 hours due to complications from the virus, leaving 4,750 deaths. Of those infected with the coronavirus, 32 are in hospital, ten of whom are in the intensive care unit.

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A little more In Slovenia, which has a population of 2 million, 859,501 people have been vaccinated so far, 705,588 of them have already exceeded the second dose. This is 41 percent and 36 percent of the vaccinated population, respectively.

Like Croatia, the vaccination process in Slovenia has slowed down significantly.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa said at a press conference on Thursday: Since there is enough vaccine and vaccination is free, testing will not be free anytime soon. He said there was no set date yet, but the free screening would likely end in mid-August.

In Slovenia, holders of certain jobs, including health care workers, caterers, shop owners, hairdressers, beauticians, taxi drivers and teachers, must have a protection certificate. Those who have not been vaccinated can test themselves once a week at the state’s expense.

Cover photo: Croatian fans celebrate while standing in a fountain as they watch on a projector the Croatia-Scotland match in the third round of Group 2020 of the European Football Championship 2020, postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic, which was held in Zagreb on June 22, 2021. Source: MTI / EPA / Antonio Bat

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