The last one was kicked by NASA's Mars machine

The last one was kicked by NASA’s Mars machine

A probe called NASA’s InSight will shut down after dust gets into the hull so much that the batteries will soon be completely out of service.

The space agency recently reported that the largest earthquake ever detected was detected by the Insight probe on the surface of Mars, with a magnitude earthquake of about 5 recorded by the structure. The space office has already indicated that the spacecraft is not very good at the skin, and it can be said that it finally started, because a lot of dust has accumulated on its solar cells, so the batteries will finish service in the foreseeable future. NASA now Communication It reported that the spacecraft is likely to complete its science work in July and close permanently by the end of the year.

The NASA Early in January, it had to turn the spacecraft down as a storm of dust passed the area where the instrument is located. This was necessary because due to the dust storm, there was not enough sunlight to power the structure, so to reduce energy consumption, energy consumption was reduced.

Insight landed on Mars in November 2018, and although it was originally planned for two years as all went well, the space agency extended its mission for another two years. The mission can be a great success, among other things To decipher the anatomy of Mars. It turns out, for example, that the Red Planet consists of the same materials as the Earth, but with a completely different structure.

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