Naprendszer legnagyobb holdja olyan hangokat ad ki, mint R2-D2 a Star Warsból kép

The largest moon in the solar system makes sounds like R2-D2 from Star Wars

Thanks to NASA scientists, everyone can now hear the sound of a celestial body larger than Mercury.

NASA launched Juno A spacecraft to study the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter. The 3,600 kg structure reached its destination in 2016, and since its mission was completed in 2018, further measurements are being carried out in the area.

The probe flew just 1,038 km from the largest moon of Jupiter (and the solar system) on June 7. Janemdis Above the surface, the radio-electrical and magnetic waves recorded during the encounter with the human ear were aligned by NASA scientists, so we can now also hear the “noise” of the celestial body.

The sound of a moon the size of three-quarters of the planet Mars may surprise many, because the end result is very similar to the whistling sound of R2-D2, the star wars rolling star in Star Wars. However, the real curiosity of the recording is that you can see the moment Juno crossed the Ganymede River. magnetosphere from one region to another.

“This soundtrack is unruly enough to make us feel like we’re there when Juno sails past Ganymede for the first time in more than two decades. Looking closely, we can hear a sudden shift to higher frequencies in the middle of the recording, which signals the entry into another region of Ganymede’s magnetosphere. .

NASA writes. By the way, Ganymede has a diameter of 5268 kilometers, which is 26% larger than Mercury, but its mass is only 45% of the densest planets in the solar system. The Hubble Space Telescope recently I found water vapor In the atmosphere of a vast orb, and since 2015 It is supposedA salty ocean hides more water than the earth beneath its surface.

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