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The Lada ideal has failed, and there will be no more of it

The Lada ideal has failed, and there will be no more of it

In half a year, only 170 copies of the Landa X-Cross 5 recreational vehicle were assembled, which was nothing more than a renamed Chinese model.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexander Galperin

Lada faced bigger problems than taking over Nissan's St. Petersburg plant and providing jobs for workers there, but they started the project with higher orders. Since there was no better option, they looked for the Chinese solution. The Bestune T77 device distributed by FAW in Russia was voted in favor, which received all necessary approvals. On June 19, the zero review of cars began in a ceremonial manner, with China's FAW sending fully assembled cars that only had to be given a major zero review – and the politicians were very happy about that anyway.

Source: AvtoVAZ

At the time, rumors were about 10,000 cars a year, but that turned out to be a total of 170 copies in half a year.
Then came the first news notes that they are not even using the Lada brand on the car, they just installed the boat logo on the front of the car, and everything in the passenger compartment remains the same. then It turns out that the Chinese did not agree to the rebranding, That is, they offer their car under the Lada brand name, so they did not send more cars or kits after the initial batch. Compared to this, it has now become official that the project has ended, because the Russian side was really looking for a solution, but it was not possible to convince the Chinese partner.

The interior was particularly sophisticated, no matter which Japanese car you droveSource: FAO

Of the 170 cars, 50 were transported to Moscow, and the remaining 120 will go to Togliatti – the first will be used by offices, the latter by the plant management. Lada X-Cross 5 was not commercially available at all, and the canceled copies of it will certainly end in Hands of collectors.

The 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder can deliver 160bhp and 258Nm to the front wheels via a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.Source: AvtoVAZ

Lada continues to operate the former Nissan plant in St. Petersburg on higher orders, they are just improving the approach a little. They still want to sign a contract with a Chinese partner, however A separate (sub) brand is created For passenger cars and recreational vehicles manufactured here, which will be available and serviceable in the Lada network. And this, that is, the rebranding, is included in the contract with the Chinese partner from the beginning – as happened, for example, with the Moskovitz resurrection. They want to start assembling again this summer. In contrast, there is still no news about which Chinese car manufacturer Lada will sign a contract with.

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