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The Kremlin's response to the NATO Secretary General's declaration on nuclear readiness

The Kremlin's response to the NATO Secretary General's declaration on nuclear readiness

Peskov responded to what NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the British newspaper The Telegraph: “Because of Russian and Chinese threats,” they are discussing the deployment of more nuclear weapons and preparing for them.

“I will not go into operational details about how many nuclear warheads should be put on standby and how many warheads should be kept in storage, but we have to consult on that, and we do,” Stoltenberg said.

“It is clear that what Mr. Stoltenberg said is not in line with the statement that was adopted yesterday (at the Swiss conference on Ukraine), but not everyone signed it. This, if I am not mistaken, says that this kind of rhetoric is unacceptable,” Peskov said. “What the Secretary-General said was an increase in tension.”

“I would like to mention here that when President (Vladimir) Putin talks about this issue, that is, military nuclear issues, he is answering someone’s question: journalists, including foreign journalists (…). He is not talking about this on the Internet,” he added. “His own initiative and he's very attentive.”

Peskov also expressed his opinion that the impact of the conference held in Switzerland on Ukraine is insignificant. This is also supported by the fact that a large part of the participants knew that without Russia, there is no chance for any serious and meaningful discussion, he added.

Regarding Hungary, Serbia and Turkey also signing the final document of the conference, Peskov said that this would not harm their relations with Russia.

“Of course, we will take into account the position of these countries, as this is important for us. We will continue to explain our arguments to them in detail,” Peskov said, adding that Moscow, for its part, will continue cooperation. With everyone who is willing to do so.

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Yuri Usakov, foreign policy advisor to the Russian president, told the press that the Swiss conference did not make a meaningful contribution to resolving the conflict in Ukraine, and even assured the West that such a conference would not be possible. Without Russia's participation.

“In other words, it is not clear what was discussed there (without Russia),” he added.

According to Usakov, the Bürgenstock meeting was overshadowed by the “peace initiatives” put forward by Putin, because its participants were forced voluntarily or involuntarily to take into account the Russian proposals presented the day before.

He added that the futility of the Swiss summit is supported by the fact that Ukraine itself recognized the necessity of holding the next peace conference with Russian participation. According to his argument, the proposals of the Russian head of state would make it possible not only to stop hostilities, but also to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and they make more and more people think.

According to a military report released in Moscow on Monday, the Russian army advanced on five of six fronts in Ukraine over the past day, while nearly 1,800 Ukrainian soldiers were killed or seriously wounded along the line of contact. Local authorities on Monday reported Ukrainian artillery and drone attacks from several settlements in Ukrainian territory that has come under Russian control and in Russian regions bordering Ukraine.

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