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The Kremlin: Moscow did not interfere in the US presidential elections

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed regret that the United States might use such accusations as a pretext to impose sanctions on Russia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that the accusation that Russia interfered in the 2020 US presidential election is baseless and unfounded. Peskov responded when the Office of the Director of United States National Intelligence (ODNI) released a report on Tuesday that the Russian leadership had attempted to overthrow incumbent President Joe Biden and the political force behind him, the Democratic Party, during the campaign. “We consider the report to be incorrect. It is totally unfounded and unproven.” Presidential spokesman said.

Bischoff stressed that Moscow has nothing to do with expiration campaigns against US presidential candidates and does not interfere in the elections. He regretted that allegations like this could be used by the United States as an excuse to impose sanctions on Russia. As he said, Moscow is studying all possible scenarios for imposing sanctions and is forced to take action.

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Marija Zaharova on Russia 24 news channel

“The next dose of lies and misinformation”

The CIA classified the alleged Russian intervention. According to the 15-page document, the Russian government, through allies, and the government of former President Donald Trump, Misleading or baseless allegations Try to interfere in the 2020 US presidential campaign at Biden’s expense.


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