The Kossuth Garden in Satu Mare was full of life again

The Kossuth Garden in Satu Mare was full of life again

There was also an exhibition, a wine competition, a color show, and a wine competition.

On the third day of the Hungarian Partium 20 days, a special program was prepared for those interested almost everywhere in the region: the exhibition of the István Vígh graphics group and a chamber concert in the Industrial House, the Vécsey House celebrated the 310th anniversary of the founding of the company György Harag, the opening ceremony of the season, And Borudvar opened its doors in Kossuth Park, the parks were filled with artisans, and bands took turns on stage.

Focus on the culture

On the morning of August 20, a Mass was celebrated in the Satu Marie Cathedral, which was celebrated by the provincial bishop Jenny Schönberger, and then, according to tradition, the statue of the founder of the state was crowned. From 10 a.m. the garden at the foot of the Fire Tower filled again with the buzz that was so well known from earlier days that Brighella Puppets Department at Satu Mare brought back the already successful puppet show, The Tree to the Sky, for children and adults interested in baby.

In the afternoon, the exhibition of István Víg’s graphic collection opened at the Industrial Home, followed by an in-room concert organized by Dinu Lipatti Philharmonic at Satu Mare. The organizers also favored history buffs, as the exhibition entitled “Pictures from the Age of Cork” opened in the courtyard of the Vesey house, in celebration of the 310th anniversary of the peace at Satu Mare. In his introduction, Peter Szoks, head of St Stephen’s Circuit, asserted that no better place could be found for this event, that, according to local tradition, the granary used as a reformed chapel stood here, as the remaining Cork Union orders are. agreement points.

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György Harag held the season opening party. At the musical show, the audience can see almost all of the company’s members once again in a Ki-Mit-Tud talent hunt that evokes the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s. After the performance, of course, the company did not miss the traditional fatty bread dinner, where those interested could have an informal conversation with the actors with a slice of fatty bread and a glass of wine.

Quality entertainment in Kossuth . Park

The first wine style was held in Satu Mare on Friday, and is jointly organized by the Transylvanian Winemakers’ Association and the Partium Village Growers Network. Samples of pre-registered winemakers were evaluated by a professional jury led by the association’s president, Jeza Bala. The best was the red wine of Vinum Rex’s award-winning Năstase Winery, a trademark of Satu Mare Product. At Partium Wine Farm, the Duma Theater’s famous comedian, a member of Szentes’ sense of humor, entertained everyone relaxing in this relaxing environment with a glass of wine and some wine sleds.

In the afternoon, concerts also began: NÁGI, The Minds, The Phoenix, Intimate Tournament Illegal in Szatmár, and the evening was closed by the Góbé Orchestra, this time masterfully combining the world of folk songs with the influences of modern and classical music..

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