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The Kitchen Boss contestant and I, in love with each other, will be a star in Sztár! Singer

The Kitchen Boss contestant and I, in love with each other, will be a star in Sztár! Singer

They've been a couple for a few months, but they're not moving in together.

And no longer strengthens the individual camp Zora Finchleywhich in 2021, a In Star I will be a star! In his second series – in the team of Joci Pápai – he reached the final. The 27-year-old singer's heart is broken by her peers, Chef Kitchen In the previous season, he competed for Ákos Sárközi. Zsumbor Faraliai to kidnap – A writes eyelashThey met in February, and according to the singer, their relationship started in a movie-like way.

Zora Finchley (Photo: Sagtuzuba) and Zsombor Varaljay (Source: RTL / The Kitchen Chef - Video)

Zóra Venczli (Photo: Sajtózoba) and Zsombor Váraljai (Source: RTL / The Kitchen Chef – Video)

We met in Calvin Square, and that was a fateful moment. (…) I kept walking down the street, but all day I wondered who he was, and then he found me and we started talking. At first I thought he was just making friends with me, and I didn't think there could be more to it, and then everything happened by itself. Zora Finchley told the tabloid.

Shortly after, the lovers traveled together to Barcelona.“And even then I felt it was different. (…) I had never met such an alert person, everything working in harmony.” The singer, who currently lives in Kecskemét, admitted that she is a theatre artist.

The couple have not moved in yet.I lived with my ex for 5-6 years and it was a bad experience.Zora Finchley commented, confident that everything would work out between them despite the distance.

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