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The Japanese animation studio that also created the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion has gone bankrupt

The Japanese animation studio that also created the legendary Neon Genesis Evangelion has gone bankrupt

After successive financial mistakes in the past decades, Japanese anime studio Gainax has shut down Announced on FridayShe says he filed for bankruptcy at the end of May automatically.

Founded in 1984, Gainax was considered one of the most popular studios in the 1990s for its legendary game Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which ninjas fight in a large mecha in a futuristic Tokyo, which has since become the world's go-to vet. Not a typical mecha anime For anime. But even in the 2000s, he had bigger releases, like Gurrenne Lagann, which also came out in 2007.

On the other hand, the studio's financial problems began after the massive success of Evangelion, because Gainax forgot to pay hundreds of millions of yen in taxes, and in the short twenty years that have passed since then, it has been regularly in trouble for financial reasons. Among other things, Ano Hideaki, who directed the Evangelion series and all the films and left Gainax in 2007, also had a legal dispute with his new studio, Khara, and in 2017 he had to pay 100 million yen, or approximately 231 million forints. Hungarian. , due to unpaid royalties.

Gainax tried to turn itself around in late 2010, but it became significantly more difficult after company president Maki Tomohiro was arrested in 2019 after sexually harassing a voice actress. In 2020, the studio got completely new management, but many members of the previous management remained shareholders, and the company was unable to get out of the previously accumulated debt, which is why it finally filed for bankruptcy.

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Gainax's legacy will always be remembered, in addition to Evangelion, because in addition to Khara, two animators who left here also founded Studio Trigger in 2011, which worked on anime like Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Darling in the Franxx. , Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or Delicious in Dungeon currently running. Ano Hideaki has also produced four Evangelion films in Khara, the last one not too long ago, in 2021, but as things stand, there are no more such films from him. However, he has previously indicated that he will be turning the series into a series similar to Gundam.

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