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The Italian far-right party does not support Draghi’s technocratic government

The Italian far-right party does not support Draghi's technocratic government

The leader of the right-wing party said that the Italian Brotherhood wanted elections and a new parliament. He stressed that “we cannot vote for the Draghi government.” After the government program was announced, he said that they would decide whether to stay in Parliament or vote no for Mario Draghi’s government.

He added that FdI is ready to support recovery decisions in Italy. He pointed out, “We are helping Italy without asking for anything in return,” referring to press reports that other right-wing parties have requested ministerial positions in exchange for government support. Giorgia Meloni stated that it was inconceivable that the Italian Brotherhood would participate in the same government as the anti-regime Five Star Movement or Matteo Renzi, who headed the Live Italy party in the previous government.

Meloni said he learned from Mario Draghi that he didn’t just want to lead the country for a few months. “There will be no other elections this year, Draghi is planning his term as prime minister for a longer period.”

In response to a journalist’s question, he said that the position of the Italian brothers will not break the alliance with the Liga and Hajrá Italia parties, because the right-wing parties often follow different paths but will run in unified elections again.

In a previous interview, Georgia Meloni described it as incomprehensible that the clique led by Matteo Salvini was preparing to support Draghi’s government. Meloni said that many will be disappointed that the government of Mario Draghi “will not be an excessive miracle either.” Mario Draghi, the former president of the European Central Bank responsible for forming the government, held consultations with parliamentary parties on Friday. The Free and Equal Left party in the outgoing government stated that they do not want to be in a joint government with the right. The leader of Living Italy (fourth) Matteo Renzi has promised unconditional support.

Mario Draghi will receive a delegation from the Left Democratic Party (PD) and Immigrant Italia (FI) on Friday evening. Both sides said yes to cooperation. Contrary to the original plans, Silvio Berlusconi, president of FI, was not involved in counseling personally with Draghi.

Saturday will be followed by the League and the five-star movement led by Matteo Salvini. Matteo Salvini asserted that supporting the government meant the League would also have a place in government.

“Italy’s interests are more important to us than the interests of the parties. When we meet Draghi, we say no to tax increases, real estate taxes, property taxes, and cancellation of pension reform in the League. The Italians are urging bold and serious decisions: We have to take responsibility, there is no such thing as being present. At home and abroad (…) if we provide our support, we will do it as the largest Italian party, “Matteo Salvini wrote on his community page.

“Without the league, the government would be lame,” said Giancarlo Giorgetti, Matteo Salvini’s right-hand man, a close friend of Mario Draghi.

The five-star movement will be led by Bibi Grillo, founder of the Latvian party. M5S wants a political government, that is, ministerial portfolios, not to be ruled out completely after having led the country since 2018. Analysts say Mario Draghi’s first and most difficult task will be to put together a government team, determine how much he wants from experts and how much he wants a political government. The Acting Prime Minister will also hold a second round of consultations, starting from Sunday.

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