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The issue of hosting the Olympic Games is a national issue

The issue of hosting the Olympic Games is a national issue

Since the Hungarian Olympic Committee feels it is up to it to study the possibility of hosting the Olympics from time to time until Budapest becomes the host, this will assist decision-makers in a study prepared by an independent commission – Interview with Krisztián Kulcsár, Chairman of the MOB

Krisztián Kulcsár is optimistic, he really wants to get to the starting line (Image: Miklós Szabó)


– Recent news that the MOB has set up the Budapest Committee 2032. Just to clarify: Doesn’t that mean that the text of the Olympic competition has already been drafted?
Of course this is not the case, it cannot be because the Games are not open to the Olympic Committee of a country, but to the city that it intends to host. On the other hand, we would not be fine in MOB if we did not examine whether it would be feasible for Budapest to deal with the issue of hosting the Olympics at all, which is also our obligation stemming from our laws. We feel it is our own, and if the country is suitable for it based on its economic and social situation, then we are at the forefront. But there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding, the membership in the MOB and the presidency, perhaps unsurprisingly, are profoundly positive on the issue.

Will the task of that committee prove this desire with facts?
We want to maintain our credibility in this matter, so instead of producing preconceived projections, we expect a feasibility and macroeconomic impact study from the committee, which, of course, can only be presented to decision makers if it supports our hopes.

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Only economic actors were included in the council, and the sporting profession was not represented. Was that conscious?
Yes, because it’s not a mathematical issue in the first place. Our mission is to showcase the opportunities, economic, political, and other related circumstances and provide guidance to the capital and the government on whether it is possible or feasible to co-host the Olympic Games. In order for this to be a well-grounded proposal, we have asked people who cannot be accused of bias, who are also dominant in the various sectors of the economy. We started from the premise that if they gave their name to the study’s conclusions, then both the capital and the government could make a responsible decision based on this.

Have the capital and government been consulted in forming the committee?
No, but it wasn’t necessary. However, we will be contacted because an accurate and reliable study will require the information received from governmental and local government agencies.

Amid the pandemic and associated economic hardship, do you feel the time is right to consider hosting the Olympics?
“While I agree that the timing may sound weird, it wouldn’t be appropriate to start there.” It’s still raining, but the sun will rise tomorrow, so we think we will act irresponsibly if we don’t start the long term business because the environment is currently not suitable. Today, it is also difficult for many to imagine that there will be an Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, while not everyone who lives in it doubts it. Remember, regarding the year 2032, we are talking about the possibility of organizing an event that is due in twelve years …

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This is true, but since a decision on the director is expected to be made in 2025, social dialogue should begin in a year or two, and that is a more anticipated period of time.
There is no doubt that social dialogue is important, because we see that this issue is no less important than it is divisive. On the issue of the Olympic Games, the population is divided, but we are working to enjoy the support of the overwhelming majority as a national matter.

If so, do you support the referendum?
This is an issue that goes beyond the decision-making competence of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, but it is not a question of whether strong public support, as required by the IOC, is a prerequisite. If the bid prospects promise a positive outcome, intense social debate will be needed anyway, as hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a national economic institution that has moved the entire country for seven years.

Do you think the study confirms all this?
I am optimistic and we really want to get to the starting line. I certainly believe that the cause of the Olympiad is a project to improve and unify the country that can bring catharsis to the lives of those who have not experienced the experience of generational regime change and who, without that, may only remember the profound motivations caused by the epidemic. Years.

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