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The iPhone 17 can now communicate with Apple’s own technology

The iPhone 17 can now communicate with Apple’s own technology

After Intel, Cupertino residents could also ditch Qualcomm.

Like other major technology companies, Apple also relies on an army of suppliers while producing its products, but at the same time, Cupertino residents are trying to stand on their feet and design as much hardware as possible in-house.

Accordingly, the company has been using its own A-series processors in iPhones and iPads since 2010, and since 2020 it has gradually replaced Intel CPUs in Mac computers. The next step in the independence drive could be a demonstration of Apple’s 5G modems.

Rumors have long circulated that Apple might replace the 5G hardware currently in use with an internally developed solution, which would be a serious blow to supplier Qualcomm. Economic analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously predicted the move to 2025, and now he has confirmed this in a new report.

An employee at TF Internal Securities recently A He advertised on his blog A longer article on the business prospects for Qualcomm, which, among other things, also makes Snapdragon chips, again mentioned that Apple will use its 5G modems in iPhones from 2025, among risk factors. This could deprive the partner, which recorded a 52% drop in revenue in the previous quarter, of millions of orders.

If Kuo’s sources are not wrong, it is possible that the iPhone 17 will debut with a 5G chip designed by Apple, and even the fourth generation iPhone SE could be discussed as the first device of its kind, because according to the latest rumors, this too will not be available until 2025. Of course, the plans of Cupertino residents could still change, because earlier the birds were tweeting that the first Apple 5G modem will be launched in 2023, but this prediction did not come true in the end, allegedly due to the difficulties encountered during the planning.

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