The Invisible Thread That Connects the Seven Shrines - Metropolita

The Invisible Thread That Connects the Seven Shrines – Metropolita

A mysterious fantasy line connects seven monasteries from Ireland to Israel. Just a coincidence?

These shrines are very far apart but are located in a straight line. Legend has it that the sacred streak of Saint Michael is a blow to Satan, who sent her back to Hell.

The veneration of Saint Michael the Archangel rose in the Middle Ages, especially among monks who considered themselves soldiers of Christ. It naturally followed that “spiritual soldiers” fighting to save lives often called monasteries and shrines an archangel.

Whatever the case, it is amazing how perfectly these shrines are lined up: in addition to the three most important places – Mont Saint-Michel in France, the Abbey of San Michele della Chiusa (also known as Sacra di San Michele) and the Sanctuary of Monte Gargano in Italy – at an equal distance from each other. The saint warns believers to keep God’s laws at all times and to walk uninterruptedly.

Otherwise, the sacred line exactly coincides with the line of the sun that rises at the summer solstice.

The line begins off the southwest coast of Ireland, an uninhabited island where Archangel Michael appeared to Saint Patrick to help him free his homeland from the power of demons. Here is the first monastery, Skellig Michael (“Rock of the Archangel Michael”), one of the most inaccessible medieval monasteries in Ireland.

2. St. Michael’s Mountain

Then the line continues in France, on another famous island, Mount Saint Michael, where the Archangel Michael also appeared. The beauty of its sanctuary and the huge bay that surrounds the island from the Normandy coast make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of France. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. This place was already influenced by strong mysticism in the time of Gaul, until the Archangel of Saint Hubert, Bishop of Avranches, appeared in 709, asking him to build a temple on the rock. Work began, but the monastery was built only in 900, during the time of Benedictine monks.

4. The abbreviation for the tongue of Michela Della Chiusa

1,000 kilometers, at the entrance to the Susai Valley, in Piedmont, Italy, rises the fourth shrine: the Monastery of St. Michael Chiusa (also known as the Sacra di San Michele). A straight line connects this sacred place with other monasteries dedicated to Saint Michael.

Construction of the monastery began around the year 1000, but new structures have been added over the centuries. Benedictine monks enlarged it, adding an outbuilding to house pilgrims from France on the Via Franchigina.

5. Santorio de San Michele Arangelo

Then the dynasty of Saint Michael arrives from the Italian sanctuary to the sixth sanctuary on the island of Symi in Greece: an Orthodox monastery named after the Archangel “Michael” Mixalis that preserves the image of the saint, one of the largest in the world.
7. KÁmmelhegy MONOSTOR, Israel

The sacred line ends in Israel at the Carmel monastery in Haifa. This place has been revered since Greco-Roman times, and its construction as a Christian and Catholic sanctuary dates back to the 12th century.
Translated by Monica Sarini Horvat
Sources: Aleteia,

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