The investigation into the hamburger video case has ended

He also appeared on Reddit a few days ago and then on Twitter Video about the method Fast food chain In the kitchen of one of his units, a worker rubs cheese in the soles of his shoes and then spins the meat on the floor. The agency representing the company responded that a report on the inclusion had been received and an internal investigation was immediately launched. It has since expired, and we have been able to find the working students who appeared in the video and have already been kicked out.

According to a multi-page statement, one of them said during the investigation:

“We didn’t take the video seriously, and didn’t even mean it to the public. We joked with each other at night when there were no guests. Unfortunately, the video was sent to some of our friends, so it can be posted on social media after further sharing. I’m sorry We did not want to offend the people who work in McDonald’s restaurants, who are several thousand and do every workflow according to very strict rules every day. I would like to apologize to them again.”

His partner also regretted what he had done:

“I have been working at McDonald’s for several years, I know the strict procedures and standards. A lot of rules must be followed during work, they are taught to workers in regular training. Compliance with the rules is also required very seriously. I regret that the video was broadcast in the media, we had no intention of To finish the makki’s expiration. Orders were fulfilled as standard in this shift as well. In the video, we made a joke that couldn’t have been otherwise, but we didn’t hand out that sandwich to a guest. I regret that this happened, and I apologize to those guests who may have taken the video seriously” .

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