The invention of the home breast cancer screening award received an award

The invention of the home breast cancer screening award received an award

Two students designed the home breast cancer test that won a James Dyson Award. Two years ago, a self-testing device that could be used at home won the tender for young inventors, then the designer was a Spanish engineer.

  • Debra Babalola and Shefali Bohra have designed a tool called the Dotplot, which can be used to detect early signs of breast cancer.
  • The device is very easy to use, it scans the breast tissue using sound waves.
  • Dotplot can be connected to a smartphone, so that monthly self-check data can be compared, and changes can be seen earlier.
  • Two years ago, the home device for breast cancer screening won the main prize of the James Dyson Prize.

two young inventors, Debra Babalola And the Shefali Bohra Its development could potentially save hundreds of lives. The for dotplot A so-called device that uses sound waves to examine the composition of breast tissue, and its use is so simple that anyone can use it Breast examination at home. Since it can be connected to a smartphone, the images taken are saved, and the image of breast tissue taken by Dotplot can be compared every month, so that any changes in the breast can be seen soon.

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The two students became interested in more effective breast cancer screening after Shefali noticed a lump in her breast and advised an ultrasound. (Fortunately, your issue resolved on its own.) “We were shocked because there is no home device available to everyone that we can take with us anywhere and do a self-examination with it. Our goal was to make one,” Shefali said.

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Students studying to be designers graduated this year from a master’s program at College London and the Royal College of Art, which is now British. James Dyson Award Capped the grand prize. For their invention, they received 5000 pounds for further development, and Sir James Dyson chose their invention as one of the top 20 inventions in the world, so they remained in the competition for the 30 thousand pounds that the best invention in the world could receive for the year.

In 2020, the James Dyson Prize also won for an invention that makes home breast self-examination available to those who cannot or do not want to have a mammogram. It was then won by 23-year-old Spanish designer Judith Bennet Gero blue box He invited a tender to young inventors with his invention.

Source and image: James Dyson Award

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