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The interest in the World Cup in Budapest is huge

The interest in the World Cup in Budapest is huge

Because of the coronavirus, Fukuoka decided earlier this year that it could not hold the World Water Championships this year. At the beginning of February, Budapest saved many sports by taking on the role of host with four months of hard work. It would not have been possible without us.

Attila Vari Photo: Gabor Czerkl / Bors

Huge development in sports

The head of the shirts, Attila Vare, said in this regard that the greatest development in the country’s history has occurred in the past twelve years, without which we will not be able to stabilize now. The Olympic champions in Sydney and Athens are still working hard to achieve a successful spectacle.
“Everyone is working hard to have the most memorable world championship,” Attila Vary told our newspaper. Our men’s and women’s shirts are sure to play at the Alfred Hajos Pool in Budapest, Margaret Island. Other than that, all sites are already in vébe mode.

Tickets are running out

“There is still work to improve, but this is not a problem.” We’ve started building the extra grandstand on Margaret Island, hopefully there will be a need, because both teams will fight to the finals – continued the 46-year-old Fary, who also revealed his dream about shirts. He states that he does not put an extra burden on the shoulders of players and coaches, but everyone knows that the traditions of the Hungarian jersey are binding on everyone.
Vári also revealed not only the participants, the spectators are also preparing.
– There is great interest at home and abroad, not only in water polo, but also in synchronized swimming.

Our groups

On Tuesday night, group schedules were set for the Vébé T-shirt matches. Women’s Team Judge Attila from Italy, Canada and Colombia, Tamas Marks will be able to play group matches against Montenegro, Brazil and Georgia in the boating pool.


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