The indicator – overseas – floods in New Zealand have stopped for 200 tourists

Nearly 200 tourists were stranded Tuesday on New Zealand’s South Island, the country’s premier tourist attraction area, Milford Soundford. In the past 60 hours, the area has been hit by 1,000 mm, damaging the only road leading to it to the point that it has become impassable.

According to official sources cited by MTI, 31 hikers were stranded in a shelter where they were forced after the landslide. Some were injured more easily.

According to South Island Disaster Management Communications, the authorities need to join forces as more people in the area may find themselves in a similar situation. 195 tourists stranded in the area, in addition to the hotel’s approximately 200 staff, are expected to be rescued on Wednesday. The road leading to the area was cut off for a week as it was badly damaged. People will be transported by air.

Milford Sound Fjord is known for its massive mountain peaks and waterfalls. The district is 120 km from the nearest town, Te Anau. Tourists were in a sad situation because of the area

1000 mm fell in 60 hours, of which no less than 600 mm fell on Tuesday morning.

A spokesman for the local meteorological institute told Radio New Zealand that even the most experienced weather experts were surprised by the sudden downpour. The Cited by The New Zealand Herald Meteorologists say that up to 300 mm of rain is expected, which could cause rivers to leave their families. Floods can block roads and isolate some communities from the outside world, which is why a state of emergency was declared in the region.

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