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The index – the science – they may have found an effective treatment for breast cancer

The index – the science – they may have found an effective treatment for breast cancer

According to the MTI announcement, a rare protein found in human cells may be the answer to transforming breast cancer treatment.

A new study by a researcher from the University of Manchester is Oncology It was published in a journal dealing with cancer research. In accordance with this, a type of protein called RAC1B may play a key role in making cancer cells resistant to treatment.

Researchers have found that if this rare protein is not present in cells, tumors do not develop. The head of the investigation, Ahmed Okkar, confirmed:

For the first time, experiments with mice have shown that, in the absence of RAC1B, breast cancer stem cells cannot form tumors and become more susceptible to chemotherapy, making the treatment more effective.

During the experiment, breast cancer cells were transplanted into mice, and it was found that, in the absence of the RAC1B protein variant, they were not visible even after a hundred days. Oncology.

Healthy cells don’t need RAC1B, so new anti-cancer therapies that target it likely won’t have serious side effects. With the results of the research, breast cancer patients can benefit from more effective and targeted therapies.

They also showed in a lab experiment that breast cancer cells cultured without RAC1B did not regenerate after chemotherapy, but cells with the rare protein variant returned quickly and aggressively after treatment.

(Cover photo: Michael Hanschke/Picture Alliance/Getty Images)