The index – meanwhile – MacGyver surpassed seventy

We can even call the most famous handyman character MacGyver, who became famous in Hungary in the 1990s, when the series was completed in the US years ago. There are so many actors who are so identified with someone who plays him that almost everyone just mentions them in his movie name, including Richard Dean Anderson. The sympathetic, helpful blonde guy, and last but not least, the handsome blonde guy perfectly fit the male ideals of the 1980s, plus his intelligence was likable, as he flaunted less than his strength of his mind abilities throughout his streak. In vain, different times, different needs.

Nearly ten years after completing MacGyver, they managed to become the protagonist of a world-famous series again, although many futures contracts for Stargate, which were developed from movie to series, were not expected. Despite this, the adventures of Colonel Jack O’Neill and his companions were very much loved and a real microcosm was created around their stories. Despite this, Richard Dean Anderson has forever remained in McGiver, who is past his magical seventies today, but his smile all night has lost nothing of his boyish little charm since.

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