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The Index – Meanwhile – Better gear up George Clooney, Diddy is already high

The Index – Meanwhile – Better gear up George Clooney, Diddy is already high

Alekuz Nagy reported on his Facebook page that a seventh-grade boy got an entry in his inspector because of him, but the celebrity immediately defended the young man.

There are a lot of problems with teachers these days. As if they had forgotten the essence of their profession in the midst of great political maneuvering. They think they can spot the enemy in every person. They see vids everywhere

Elicoz Nagy took office.

After Peter Sramek, Koko, Majka, Andy Toth, Zsovy Szabo also spoke to the teachers. At the same time, he came to the defense of a student who made only one joke in his dissertation.

I have learned that in the past few days – the student received a warning from the teacher because he wrote the following for the seventh solution of his geography thesis – Crown Prince Alcos Nagy, bodybuilder, person monitored and intercepted by BRFK, projected from the Ring of Carinth

– He writes.

According to Alkosh, the young man is merely proving the facts, and he even believes that “the data is real information that is not hidden from the general public.”

That is why he demands immediate rehabilitation of the young student.

Otherwise, the hero of the reality show would turn to the “Ombudsman – Pintér”. In his farewell speech, Alcoz Nagy also told the world that he was an excellent student from first to fourth, then fourth, then third, then second. In addition, he “failed arithmetic and grammar in class eight, and is now a county chess master who writes a book and is a television actor.”

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