The incredibly cool first preview of Netflix's next broad fiction has arrived!

The incredibly cool first preview of Netflix’s next broad fiction has arrived!

Nowadays, at the height of the series, adaptations of successful novels or storyboards come in succession, as films of two to three hours in duration can be broken down with more detail into the plot and personal drama of a large-scale literary work in multi-part serials, possibly seasonal. . Netflix targeted another upscale fictional universe, Grisaverzum: From This Is Shadow and Bone Made, an amazing preview you can watch below.

Shadow and Bone – Shadow and Bone is the first part of Grisa’s trilogy, set on paper by an American writer named Leigh Bardugo and first published in 2012. The story was compiled by Alina Starkov, an orphan girl, and she was also recruited into the Rafka army Mother (not Russia, however). Together with his partner and best friend, Marla, he is sent into a dark shadow zone full of horror, of course, but their military convoy is under attack along the way. By doing so, Alina gains special abilities and awakens in her a mysterious force that gives her a straight path to the capital and the Brotherhood. Muslims in Gressa. Their leader, Kom, sees a lot in the protagonist, saying that he needs the Rafka people: May he be able to destroy the Shadow Zone. In the tsarist court, of course, Alina did not really find her place, and even is involved in a conspiracy.

The program’s runner and lead writer is Eric Heiser (Arrival, Birds in the Box, Damascus), and the main characters are Jesse Me Lee (Alina Starkov), Ben Barnes (General Kerrigan), Freddy Carter (Kaz Bricker), Amita Soman (Eng Gava), Kate Young (Jessper Fahy), Archie Reno (Malian Origins).

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Shadow and Bone Season 1 will be released in 8 parts on Netflix on April 23.

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