The inaugural schedule in Britain will not be delayed

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that there was currently no clear reason to change the timetable to ease restrictions imposed to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

However, he reaffirmed the government’s demand for compliance with the new, more permissive travel rules Countries in the yellow category should not be visited by people who live in England for tourism purposes anymore. Currently, Hungary, along with nearly all member states of the European Union, falls into this category.

Boris Johnson told reporters during a visit to a vaccination center in London: The vaccination campaign in the United Kingdom has succeeded in building a “protective wall” against the epidemic, This is one reason why this does not appear to be a critical reason to deviate from the Inaugural Roadmap in time.

Pedestrians in ManchesterSource: Agence France-Presse / Paul Ellis

The British government’s four-step schedule envisages an increased relaxation of restrictions imposed to curb the epidemic every five weeks, and if all conditions are met. It aims to lift all legal restrictions by June 21 at the earliest. One component of the specially designed system is to prevent the alarming spread of novel coronavirus variants, but in recent years an increasing number of Indian coronavirus variants have been identified by examination in several parts of England.

In recent days, many government officials have hinted that this may delay the opening deadline.
In a statement on Tuesday, Boris Johnson said: The government is monitoring the situation closely and will be able to say more about other opening steps in the coming days. He added that experts are mainly working on determining whether the spread of the Indian coronavirus is easier than the previous variants, and if so, how much.
But the British Prime Minister has repeatedly emphasized: based on the current situation There are no convincing reasons in the data to justify deviating from the lifting schedule. On the other hand, Johnson reiterated the government’s request that no one travel from England to England in countries classified as yellow under the new travel regime for tourism purposes.

Based on relief that went into effect this week The blanket ban on recreational travel abroad has been replaced by a color-coded system similar to traffic lights. People who live in England can also travel to green countries for tourism purposes from Monday and do not have to go into quarantine after their return.

However, so far the UK government has classified only twelve countries in this category. Aside from Portugal, no EU member state is included in the green list, including Hungary, which remains among the yellow category countries still under quarantine.

Boris Johnson stressed in a statement on Tuesday that only those countries are in the yellow category for which this is “absolutely necessary” for family reasons, for example.
The British Prime Minister indicated that those who do not comply with the travel rules for foreigners living in England could be fined up to ten thousand pounds sterling (more than four million forints).

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